Canals and Inland Waterways

My interest in canals started in 1997 when I had the task of arranging an unusual holiday for a group of university students. I had a holiday on the canals and rivers with my parents when I was 9 or 10 and enjoyed it very much. A return to the canals in 1998 gave me the bug. Cruising along a waterway around the British countryside is a wonderfully relaxing experience. It is not a completely passive activity - the boat requires steering and the locks need operating. Operating locks # can be quite strenuous particularly on your own and during inclement weather.

In January 2003, I became the proud owner of narrow boat Tardebigge. She is a tug style boat with an ice breaking bow section that dates from 1909. Originally used to break ice on the Birmingham Canals, she was later used by the London Fire Service as a smoke boat during the Second World War to obscure the reflection in the water from enemy aircraft. She was modified in 1998 when the stern section of a late 1950s British Waterways boat was welded to a brand new mid-section lengthening her to 37 feet. Incidently, Tardebigge is a place on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal.

More information about inland waterways, boat hire etc. can be found on George's canal pages.

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